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United Kingdom

    Castle Kreygmillar

    • Craigmillar, United Kingdom
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      Kreygmillar Castle is located on a small hill in the 4.8 kilometers to the southeast from the center of Edinburgh. This is one of the few remaining intact medieval Scottish castles. It was first mentioned as a fortress in written sources under 1212 year. The oldest part of the castle was built in 1374, and in 1427 there were towers and powerful wall between them.

      The history of the castle is full of highlights. There was imprisoned younger brother of King James III, on which under suspicion of treason. Here, in 1563 Mary Stuart took British ambassador with the news that to preserve friendship with the Queen of England Elizabeth I she should find a decent man. And it is here that after a while Mary Stuart signed by representatives of the nobility created Covenant of the murder of her husband, Lord Darnley.

      In 1660 the owner of the castle Kreygmillar became Sir John Gіlmaru, whose descendants owned the castle until 1775. The remaining derelict castle was abandoned and only in 1842 did the idea to restore it and make it the Scottish residence of the Queen Victoria. But this plan was destined to fail, and only in the mid-twentieth century, the castle became the property of the state Kreygmillar and found a second life as a tourist attraction.

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