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United Kingdom

    Kolossi Castle

    • Kolossi, United Kingdom
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      Spikes Castle - a majestic castle that keeps the spirit of its medieval inhabitants, of whom was a brave Richard the Lionheart.

      Entrance to the castle by a drawbridge and immediately fell into the living quarters on the second floor. So did Richard the Lionheart and the Crusaders, and the Knights of Malta.

      Recent began to cultivate sugar cane here and grapes. Actually, these surroundings are home to the famous wine "Commandaria".

      Here, little has changed: still the same bridge, the frescoes in the chapel, stone spiral staircase that leads to the observation deck. That's just not now find in the castle of Richard the Lionheart, is not here and the Crusaders, and from the tower overlooks not the enemy troops, and the vineyards, orange groves and the endless sea.

      But, in spite of minor changes here still fine and breathes freedom.

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