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United Kingdom

    Caerphilly Castle

    • Caerphilly, United Kingdom
    • Caerphilly Castle$$
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    • Caerphilly Castle - one of the largest castles, located in the south of Wales. Castle deserves the title of one of the most beautiful medieval castles.

      The castle was built in the years 1268-1271 by Lord Gilbert de Clare, in order to protect their own territories. Since 1283 the castle has lost an important defensive value and was abandoned. He began to crumble and fall into decay. Three generations markіzaў beat tried to revive it restore individual elements of the architecture. The castle has a feature - the slope of the south-east tower, which occurred in the XVII century during the Civil War.

      The castle has a lot of internal and wall transitions that will help you quickly move from one part to another. Exterior courtyard of the castle battlements flanked with projections by area and dungeon to enter that offer a good overview of the area outside the castle. The towers of the castle today is an exhibition. Official apartment and the Great Hall, which has been restored in the XIX century, located on the south side of the yard.

      Today the castle is administered by the Agency for the Protection of historic buildings in Wales "Kadu" and is considered a unique example of wartime architecture of the XIII century.

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