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United Kingdom

    Gosford Castle

    • Market Hill, United Kingdom
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      On the border counties of Down and Armagh, near the village of Markethill, located Gosford Castle, which is not only a historical monument, but also a major local landmark. Its construction began in 1819 and lasted until 1850.

      The first owner of the castle was Count Archibald Acheson, who invited to work on the project one of the leading architects in London by Thomas Hopper. Architectural style Gosford Castle are one of the few examples of Norman revival. No stylistic excesses and bizarre - the castle is remarkable rigor and even some of their cumbersome shape. Robin Freddy, secretary of the National Foundation for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, the names of the architectural concept of Gosford Castle "One of the most original in the 19th century."

      Ministry of Agriculture bought the estate in 1958, organized in its territory Gosford Forest Park. Because of this venture did and did not work and the castle began to decline, the company Boyd Partnership bought it in 2006 for the sale and rental of rooms, investing in the restoration of nearly 4 million pounds. To this question the company came very seriously, and in 2008 the castle began to settle the first inhabitants.

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