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United Kingdom

    Castle Eniko

    • Alnwick, United Kingdom
    • Castle Eniko$$
    • +44 1665 510777 ‎
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      In addition, in the castle Eniko you can plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages (by the way, for so little money - holding locks now flies Duke a lot of money), and he has another big advantage over other English castles.

      Namely - it is immaculately manicured lawns on Eniko learned to fly on a broomstick little Harry Potter, then still not the youngest catcher in the history of Quidditch, but simply a charming boy with a scar on his forehead zipper. This castle was one of the main series of decorations for the Harry Potter films, "playing" is the role of the school of magic and witchcraft - Hogwarts.

      All those wishing to fly issued brooms - unfortunately, not magic, so fly until no one came, but tourists do not lose hope to find a magical abilities and persistently jump on the lawn neat panicles Eniko castle. I wonder what he thinks about the Duke of Northumberland, looking at them from the window of the ancestral castle?

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