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      Stonehenge - a wonderful architectural and archaeological sites. Even if the name of someone not familiar, it's likely you've seen it anywhere in the picture or photo. It is a composition of stone blocks, and megalіtaў trilitis weight ranging from 25 to 82 tons. It is believed that the beginning of the creation of Stonehenge was laid around 3000g. BC, and the final phase of its construction came in 2440-2100g.

      Stonehenge is a complex structure, which consists of arches, each of which shows exactly one of the four countries of the world, two rings of huge stones and altar stone incorporated into the design. It is hard to imagine how much effort has been allocated for the construction of Stonehenge.

      The appointment of the archaeological site still remains unknown - as, indeed, and the authors themselves. Versions of authorship and purpose of Stonehenge quite a lot, some of which sound reasonable and supported by archaeological evidence, and others - seem ridiculous or fabulous history. However, many people believe that these huge stones have magical healing properties.

      Stonehenge is worth a visit, not only to see the amazing archaeological monument, but also to feel the incredible energy that it emits. Like many other ancient monuments, Stonehenge incredibly strong energetic place. 

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