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United Kingdom

    Market Camden Town

    • Chalk Farm, United Kingdom
    • Market Camden Town$$
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      Camden - a fun place in London, where he feels so comfortable youth who is interested in an informal style of life, clothes and music. Pripervih same steps at the exit of the metro Camden Town, impressions overwhelm anyone who has not been here. And not only that, that roam around people with blue hair in long coats, but also because he is a very interesting area. This place has long been visited London goths, punks, emo and other nonconformists. But even if, for whom the word "informals" sounds frightening, not be afraid of inadequate behavior of the local audience. In the end, you can just remember that England - the birthplace of rock music.

      But back to the market. On the streets one by one and trays shops that sell clothing and shoes, bags, badges, decorations, copyrights, hand-made goods. Who can buy here is a real gothic corset, who - fashionable sneakers, and who - funny rattles. But what attracts attention more than the contents of the shops - it yourself shops. Many of them are decorated so that to notice these decorations approach is not necessary. For example, on one of the doors hangs a huge girl in a black dress, on the other - a giant guitar, on the third - his legs in fashionable jeans, and so on.

      Camden Town is very pleased with his visitors whatever their tastes and preferences. Just in this place full of life, fun and here are a large selection of products. No wonder the market is recognized as one of the most famous tourist destinations of London. 

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