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United Kingdom

    Monuments of the Lunar Society "Moonstones"

    • Holly Lane, United Kingdom
    • Monuments of the Lunar Society "Moonstones"$$
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      "Moonstones" - nine monuments carved from sandstone by different members of the Lunar Society. In this informal society were prominent Midland, among whom were industrialists, philosophers and intellectuals, organized regular meetings the period from 1765 to 1813. The name they received because the meeting was appointed on full moon days. The monument was unveiled in 1999 on the territory of the Asda supermarket on Kyuslett Road near Great Barr, Birmingham.

      Designer monuments became Steve Field, and masons, that did the job, and Michael Malcolm Sieur Schürmann. The stones are carved moon phases, and each of them is dedicated to an individual member of the Lunar Society: potter Josiah Wedgwood, the physician Erasmus Darwin, arms manufacturers Samuel Galton, mechanic and inventor William Murdoch, industrialist Matthew Boulton, James Ўat inventor, chemist Joseph Priestley, geolagu James Cyrus, botanist William Withering.

      In addition, each monument carved memorial merit listed members of society. Nearby is the Great Barr Hall, home of Galton and gathering place of the Lunar Society.

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