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United Kingdom

    Bay District

    • Borough of Reading, United Kingdom
    • Bay District$$
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      District Bay - a narrow bay on the network of channels and bays on the River Kennet in the city of Reading in the county Bershkshir, England. It is located in the city center and is located in the Office of Water Weiss Corporation as part of the channel Kenneth - Avon. Lower Gulf stream begins Brewer gut, the famous brewery once stood here a narrow and dangerous section of the river with fast current.

      This Gulf of low water elevation changes all the bays on the River Kennet he is only 30 cm. First District Bay was built between 1718 and 1723 on the orders of engineer John Horan of Newbury, who just worked on creating navigation between cities Reading and Newbury. First poured located in the northern part of the river, near the Bear shipyard, but then in 1876 was moved to its present location on the south bank to improve the water supply of the city.

      This section of the river has always created problems for shipping, was seriously pass-through, because at its narrowest point, its width is only 7.6 meters. Gulf Shores winding and narrow. Now this problem partially solved thanks to the adjustment of lights. 

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