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United Kingdom

    Skyscraper Mary Axe

    • Spitalfields, United Kingdom
    • Skyscraper Mary Axe$$
    • Advertising

      In 2004, in England, in the City, has grown 180-meter skyscraper unusual. Framed in green glass and has an elongated shape, the building was immediately nicknamed "cucumber" ("Pickles"). The original construction setkavatae much capital has transformed the landscape of England. In addition, the building is considered to be very environmentally friendly and energy-efficient thanks to a tapered design and double glazing.

      The main tenant of the administrative office center - a Swiss insurance company. The restaurant at the top of the building offers great views of London and the City.

      This skyscraper is unique in that it is the first to enter one of the contenders for the title of environmental skyscraper. Its construction was carried out in the period from 2001-2004, and the project has developed the famous architect Norman Foster. As a site for construction was Select an area on which the building was located above the Baltic Exchange, which has suffered as a result of the Irish Republican Army terrorist attack carried out in 1992. Now Mary Axe tower, whose height is 180 meters, located London headquarters Swiss company.

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