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United Kingdom

    Craigavon ​​Bridge

    • Londonderry County Borough, United Kingdom
    • Craigavon ​​Bridge$$
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      Craigavon ​​Bridge began to build in the late 20-ies of the last century, and completed the construction in 1933, but the prototype of a wooden bridge was built in 1862, and after a while, in view of the uncertainty of this construction, the city decided to build a more sturdy construction.

      The lower part of the bridge was originally built for the railroad tracks, where there were freight trains, but in 1968 it was converted into a highway. A pair of bronze statues, which form a sculpture called Hands Across the Divide, that literary translation means "Hands, build a bridge", located at the western end of the bridge. The author of the statue is an Irish sculptor Maurice Harron.

      From October 1999 to August 2000 upper deck Craigavon ​​Bridge was closed for repairs for enhanced security and to prolong the life of the bridge. When mіnіmalіzme design cities convenient and reliable in operation.

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