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United Kingdom

    Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

    • Stone, United Kingdom
    • Queen Elizabeth II Bridge$$
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      Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at the time of its discovery in 1991 was the cable-supported bridge in Europe. It is the only bridge across the Thames, situated to the east of the historic Tower Bridge.

      Bridge designed by the famous German engineer Dr. Helmut Gomberg. He began his latest work - in 1990 Gomberg died without seeing incarnation of his idea in the material.

      The main span of the bridge between the two supporting pillars of 450 meters with a total length of 812 meters of fabric. The gap between the water surface and the start of construction of the bridge up to a maximum of 57.5 m, which allows you to pass under the bridge's largest ships excluding ocean cruise liners.
      The bridge is designed to chatyrohradnaga car traffic to the south. Traffic on the north occurs in one of two adjacent tunnels, laid under the Thames. When the wind is strong cities for machines closed, and then employ a second tunnel.  

      With a daily traffic flow of 150 000 cars cities experiencing tremendous physical activity, and in addition, there are often traffic jams formed. If you have decided to pass on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is not out of necessity but for informational purposes, then choose for this evening. At the same time make an excellent photo of the bridge in the glow of lights and bright lights.

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