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United Kingdom

    Megalith Cheetham Close

    • Egerton, United Kingdom
    • Megalith Cheetham Close$$
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      Megalot Cheetham Close near the village of Egerton - an ancient monument of the Bronze Age, which is a popular subject of archaeological excavations.

      His integrity was maintained until 1870, while the local farmer is not occupied territory cleaning. After damage to the structure survived six large stones. They were probably part of a stone circle with a diameter of about 18 meters. According gіpotezam scientists he served as a ritual space of the Druids, as evidenced by the artifacts found, including knives, arrowheads, remains of skeletons of animals and people. Megalot was near a Roman road, which was used to move troops, trade caravans and couriers.

      The monument is located on a hill about 160 meters in height, dominates the rural landscape. Visitors have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of an ancient civilization and enjoy the spectacular views.

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