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United Kingdom

    The London Eye

    • South Bank, United Kingdom
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      At the turn of the second and third millennia each country in its own way was preparing for the change of age, and the British response to the Millennium was the "London Eye", inaugurated on the last day of the twentieth century.

      A huge Ferris wheel that stands on the south bank of the famous River Thames, in itself is very remarkable. For example, we can say that the number of yaykapadobnyh kabinkok capsules is not accidental. London has 32 suburbs, and that they represent thirty two cabins-capsules "London Eye". It is worth mentioning the LED lighting installed on the Ferris wheel at the end of 2006 - thanks to her already monumental miracle British engineering gets its own special and unique charm.

      Even a simple contemplation of "London Eye" at dusk due to lighting fires is an unforgettable experience. But, of course, the main charm of this Ferris wheel quite different. One of his revolution takes for thirty minutes, and this time you can get pleasure from the opening at the bottom of the beautiful views. Wheel height of 135 meters approximately equal to the height sorokapyatietazhnogo house, and from this height, even the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, the famous monuments of London, appear to be small. So with the "London Eye" view of the Thames, as is well known, the current water you can watch endlessly.

      In general, to describe all the charm of visiting the "London Eye" is not possible, it is necessary to experience for yourself. Will be in London, be sure to visit this marvel of architecture.
      The London Eye is waiting for you!

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