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United Kingdom

    Club Matter

    • Blackwall, United Kingdom
    • Club Matter$$
    • +44 (0)207 549 6686
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      Matter nightclub located on the Square Greenwich, and is a branch of the legendary nightclub Fabric and one of the legislators club fashion. Three of a floor of the club and hotel at 2,600 are completely filled. The main direction of club music funky house, as it is the most attractive music for DJs. The agency was also attracted by their large size, ultra-modern equipment, stylish decor in a modern contemporary style and are available as space and the cost of the visit.  

      The club is in the form of the dome, which on one hand was difficult and expensive to implement, and on the other hand produces a great effect on others. Investments made in the design of the club, fully paid for itself thanks to contemporary music, and high attendance institutions among people of all ages.

      The interior design of the club is particularly attractive. Located inside the VIP area, a huge balcony in the central part with a view of the dance floor, which vibrates to the beat of the music Bass, a large number of bars serving drinks to suit all tastes. Matter club is open to visitors on Friday from 10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 pm.

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