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United Kingdom

    Londonderry City Wall

    • Derry, United Kingdom
    • Londonderry City Wall$$
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      Londonderry - the ancient fortress city of Ireland. The picturesque landscape of the area, the river Foyle, which meanders, girding the city, create a cozy atmosphere, which does not resemble the dramatic events of recent history. Also Londonderry known for its famous city walls that protected the city for centuries.

      The height of the walls up to 8 meters, and their width in some places reaches up to 9 meters. They are the most surviving fortifications in Europe. Their built in 1618 to protect the city from a new shopping Donegal Gaelic chieftains. Walls never been able to break even during the siege of 1689, when from disease and starvation killed 7,000 people from 20 000 population. After the end of the restoration work for the first time in decades, you can walk along the ancient walls. Not far from the old fortifications outside the gates of the Butcher is Bogside - Catholic area, where you can read the inscription, which became widely known: "You went to the free Derry."

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