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United Kingdom

    Edinburgh Castle

    • Grassmarket, United Kingdom
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      The history of the emergence of Edinburgh Castle (and with it - and the city of Edinburgh) is so vague and shrouded in mystery, constantly creates controversy among archaeologists. Some believe that the mention of the first settlements can be found even in Ptolemy, who in one of the works describes the settlement Votadini, Celtic tribe living in the north of Scotland.

      The castle is located on the top of the Castle rock, an extinct volcano, which has been inhabited since time immemorial. Throughout its history, the castle was a kind of "key to Scotland." Originally built back in the early medieval period, Castle thorough rebuilt in the early XVII century and adapted for defense using fortress artillery.

      Castle gives the impression of an impregnable fortress. Three sides of the fortress protected by steep cliffs, and access to the castle was limited by a steep road on the fourth (eastern) side. By the way, you can pass only through the Esplanade - long and empty completely sweep of the inclined portion of the fortress, where the annual Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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