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United Kingdom

    Rosslyn Chapel

    • Roslin, United Kingdom
    • Rosslyn Chapel$$
    • +44 131 440 2159
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      Rosslyn Chapel is located near Edinburgh. Visitors attracted by the beautiful paintings and carvings, and some - the mystical and mysterious legends that connect the chapel with Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and even the Holy Grail.

      Rosslyn Chapel was built in 1446 and originally called the collegiate church of St. Matthew. The chapel is famous for its decorative trim. The inner space of the chapel is decorated with paintings of stars, flowers and dove with an olive branch in the vaults. Walls decorated with stone sculptures and relief paintings, which played biblical scenes with Isaac, Samson, David. Particular attention is drawn to the Masonic symbols on individual stones. Quite often in the sculptures found the image of the "Green man. "And in the basement of the chapel you can see the cave drawings of fans of various religions, which depict various plants.

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