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United Kingdom

    Tower Eppley

    • Nettlestone and Seaview, United Kingdom
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      Apple tower on the northeast coast of the Isle of Wight - is all that remains of the once magnificent country house, which belonged to the famous British politician William houses. The building, miraculously survived during the Second World War, which did not survive the construction of innovations' 60s - it was demolished the old, useless house.

      Tudor-style mansion was built in the 40s of the XIX century Scottish merchant corn George Young. He invited local architect Thomas Hellyer, who created the project, which includes two towers and a central clock tower in the east wing. Young was not a poor man, and, apparently, very ambitious, so his house was like a country palace of the royal person. There were lovely conservatory with exotic plants, a stable, a park and houses for workers.

      Forty years later bought a house Uilyamm Hatta, and the last owner of the estate became Hedvors Williamson. His mother, by the way, was brought that same cousin Alice, which became the prototype of the heroine of Lewis Carroll tale.

      Now only bunk round tower with a distinctive serrated edge around the perimeter of the roof standing alone at the edge of a sandy beach. On the upper deck offers views of the Solent.

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