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United Kingdom

    Baldunsky Castle

    • Bladnoch, United Kingdom
    • Baldunsky Castle$$
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      According to legend, a long time ago, when even marriages solely on the will of God, and it was necessary to observe decorum is called "make a party" had this romantic but sad story.

      Janet, daughter of a wealthy nobleman Sir James Dalrymple was engaged to a known hanged David Dunbar, heir to Sir David Dunbar (older) with Baldoon. However, she was fond of the second, the poor and simple guy named Archibald, who for the soul does not have a penny. And so, on the appointed day of the wedding she was found zarezanaga knife in her wedding dress. According to one version of her favorite stabbed the poor, for another she committed suicide. It is said that the ghost of a girl and wanders today to these places.

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