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United Kingdom

    Hadrian's Wall

    • Openshaw, United Kingdom
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      Adryyanaў shaft - a grandiose wall length of 118 kilometers, which is one of the largest Roman fortification monuments in Roman colonies.

      In ancient times, this building was guarded boundaries of a great empire from the raids of barbarian tribes. It was built in the year 122 on the border of Scotland and England by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Wall made of stone and turf consisted of 17 forts and was surrounded by moats. Wall height - 5-6 meters.

      In the shaft has a large part of the garrison, there were also made passes. Between passes every 1300 meters were built smaller towers, and at intervals - the tower with stairs to shelter from the weather.

      The shaft was built in just 5 years. Construction is the largest monument of engineering art. On the walls were found many inscriptions that show that built on small plots of the shaft, which was distributed among the soldiers.

      The most famous of gross fortifications is Castrum Verkovitsium - Roman fortress Hauzesteds.

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