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    Big Ben

    Big Ben is probably the most famous landmark of London Although it is often called the Big Ben is meant the clock tower of Westminster Palace the official name is tower of St Stephen actually Big Ben the ringing of the six  located in the tower

    Fat Duck Restaurant

    Restaurant Fat Duck ( The Fat Duck ) is located in the south of England in the small town of Bray Head chef Heston Blumenthal received 3 Michelin stars and the restaurant in 2005 was voted the best in the world Inconspicuous building simple and easy

    Bicester Village Outlet

    Modern English proverb says the best shopping buy it at a discount But instead of waiting for the whole year sales season it is better to visit the outlet Bicester Village in the UK The shopping center is only a hundred kilometers from London  

    Club Fabric

    One of the trendiest nightclubs assumed Fabrics Club history began in 1999 and almost immediately it became popular Tissue from English translates as fabric This club is located in the heart of London which gives it greatness It occupies more than

    Club Matter

    • 0.82 км
    Matter nightclub located on the Square Greenwich and is a branch of the legendary nightclub Fabric and one of the legislators club fashion Three of a floor of the club and hotel at 2 600 are completely filled The main direction of club music

    Market Camden Town

    Camden a fun place in London where he feels so comfortable youth who is interested in an informal style of life clothes and music Pripervih same steps at the exit of the metro Camden Town impressions overwhelm anyone who has not been here And not

    Portobello Market

    Portobello a large pedestrian street near Notyng Hill west London It is here that one of the favorite places and tourists and Londoners themselves Portobello Market It is a strange mixture of blyshynaga market arcades small boutiques shops Perhaps

    Royal Opera House, London

    If the main London Theatre Royal Drury was the famous Lane Legally it is a society on equal footing where the smaller part of the unit belonged to the troupe and large some thing to talk to Christopher Rich Taking advantage of his position   he

    Theater "Globe"

    History of London theater Globe began in 1599 Then London sіlkavaў great love of theatrical spectacle but the city authorities do not approve of and the theaters were built outside the city One of the shareholders of the new theater has become a

    The London Eye

    At the turn of the second and third millennia each country in its own way was preparing for the change of age and the British response to the Millennium was the London Eye inaugurated on the last day of the twentieth century A huge Ferris wheel that
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